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The mission of the Mother Attorney Mentor Association of Austin (MAMAs Austin) is to “provide educational opportunities for its members (mothers and mothers-to-be who are lawyers, in the legal field, or pursuing legal careers) on topics pertaining to career advancement, networking, parenting issues, identifying and solving problems unique to working mothers, and other professional guidance and social events designed to permit women to connect and mentor one another about navigating a legal career while raising children.” 


To support its members as they undertake this life-long endeavor, MAMAs Austin hosts lunchtime speakers and other networking events during work hours, as well as seasonal family parties and childrens activities.  All events are announced through the page.  MAMAs Austin also serves as a crucial source of referrals that has helped members grow their practices or launch their own law firms.  There are daily referral requests and frequent job postings on our Facebook page.  Members also use our Facebook group to share resources—from leads on paralegals or office space to babysitters and daycares—ask legal questions, promote favorite charitable causes, and spread the word about awards and accomplishments. 


The MAMAs Austin membership is diverse, but we all appreciate the cameraderie of other like-minded mothers and lawyers.  Our members include government attorneys, young associates and high-ranking partners from private firms big and small, solo practitioners, part-time attorneys, and every other kind of lawyer you might imagine.  Some members join as soon as they expect their first child, and others’ “babies” are now adults themselves.  Though our career paths and personal lives vary widely, we have one thing in common: we are all balancing a legal career and our families.


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