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The idea for MAMAs Austin was born at a waterpark. While watching their preschoolers play, Danielle Haugland and Amy Beckstead, both then new-Austinites, began discussing the challenges they faced as working mom attorneys.  They realized they had both belonged to great working mom attorney groups in San Diego and Seattle, yet no such group existed in Austin.  Deciding to take action, they agreed that summer day in June, 2010, to start MAMAs Austin.  Enlisting their friends and work colleagues (who then enlisted their friends and work colleagues), MAMAs Austin launched in September 2010 with a Saturday morning meeting at the 360 Waterloo, where both mom attorneys and their kids were encouraged and welcome to attend. 


MAMAs Austin has grown exponentially since that first meeting – from a word-of-mouth organization to a 501(c)(3) with over 700 members.  We are blown away by the support our group has received from our members and the legal community, as well as the Austin business community.  We have even been featured in the Austin American-Statesman. We are firm believers that women do support women and that being moms actually makes us better workers and better lawyers.  


Photo from our very first event in 2010

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