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The mission of the MAMAs Austin is to “provide educational opportunities for its members (mothers and mothers-to-be who are lawyers, in the legal field, or pursuing legal careers) on topics pertaining to career advancement, networking, parenting issues, identifying and solving problems unique to working mothers, and other professional guidance and social events designed to permit women to connect and mentor one another about navigating a legal career while raising children.” 


This mission resonates with many mother attorneys in Austin: in just five years years, MAMAs Austin has grown from a grassroots organization started after a casual conversation between two moms at a play date into a 501(c)(3) with an executive board and over 700 members. 


We believe an attorney can advance her career without networking during evening hours she might prefer to spend with her children.  We also believe that being an involved mother doesn’t require putting one’s legal career on the back burner.  Therefore, MAMAS supports members by hosting informative lunch speakers and child-friendly networking events and creating a platform for members to share referrals, job postings, parenting tips, career tips, and any other helpful information.


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