MAMAs Do! Thanksgiving Dinner

For those of you who are looking to try something new for Thanksgiving dinner, have no fear, MAMAs have got you covered. The board of the Mother Attorney Mentoring Association has come together to bring you an array of delectable delights for your Thanksgiving table. A very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. And to those of you who cannot be with your loved ones, a special holiday blessing to you. Turkey: Gravy: Sweet potato casserole with pecans and clementines:

MAMAs Do! Pro Bono Work at Karnes Family Detention Center

Hundreds of immigrant women and children are held in a jail facility in Karnes City, Texas, just two hours southeast of Austin. They are seeking asylum in the United States and are held in jail until successfully passing the hurdle of a credible fear interview. They have no right to free legal representation and many get deported because they fall through the cracks of our broken system. These women and children are fleeing gang violence, domestic violence, and sexual violence. The MAMAs have shown support by visiting Karnes on regular and ongoing pro bono trips to help these women. George Bush began the policy of detaining asylum-seeking families in 2006 in the Hutto Detention Center in

MAMAs Do! Boards, Orgs, and Gifts

The Board of Directors of the Mother Attorney Mentoring Association is what we refer to in sports as a “deep bench.” The board members lead the organization in planning events, coordinating sponsor donations, networking with fellow MAMAs to make connections, providing business referrals on the MAMAs Facebook page, and countless other tasks that often go unnoticed in the seamless perfection of the final event or work product. In addition, several MAMAs board members are involved in, give to, or serve other organizations as active members or supporters, Fellows or donors, and board members. Christine Andresen of the CHA Law Group PC is the Austin LGBT Bar Vice-President, a Fellow of the Ame

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