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A colleague recommended Amazon Prime to me a few years back as the only way to survive the busy holiday season and also manage my workload during an intense case. Many of you likely use Amazon, too. If so, please consider supporting the MAMAs organization through Amazon Smile. Our link is the following: More information about the program can be found at

In addition, your MAMAs board members have provided a list of holiday hacks for you to survive the frenzy of shopping and meeting your commitments this season.

RetailMeNot: Local, publicly-traded Austin company and a great source for coupon codes before any purchase.

Price Check: Check prices on before making an online purchase.

Travel tips:

  • Splurge on wrapping and ship presents directly to where they will be opened.

  • Save your bows until when you arrive at your destination with your boxed gifts. Presents pack easier bow-less. Consider going bow-less and tag-less altogether and write the to/from directly on the wrapping paper.

  • (For those with multiple children or who help Grandma or Grandpa shop for them,) Ask for gift receipts for every purchase and put to and from on the receipt so that when the gifts arrive, you actually can check which of your many children wanted that particular gift.

  • Ship spousal gifts to your office to avoid discovery.

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