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MAMAs Celebrate 500 Members

MAMAs Austin is proud to announce they have recently added their 500th member. To celebrate this milestone, the group is planning a membership appreciation event on Mother's Day weekend. Past speakers, local businesses and others have come together to support the group on this occasion including Toybrary, Dinner Elf, Mockingbird Domestics and Katie Malkinsi, LCSW. If you are interested in supporting MAMAs or getting more involved, please contact us at

We also want to feature our 500th member, Meredith Shytles Parekh. Meredith says "I am delighted to have earned my spot in MAMAs with the birth of my first daughter, Tabitha, in February 2016. I have been practicing law for 5 years and am a staff attorney with Disability Rights Texas on our Education team. I represent children with disabilities and their families to help ensure they receive the services and supports they need to be successful in school and as they transition into adulthood. The uphill nature of this work makes it both challenging as well as incredibly rewarding. I'm excited to meet other MAMAs and grateful that this community exists as I begin life as a working mom!"

Welcome, Meredith! We are so happy to have Meredith and all the other working mom attorneys who find support in our group. Thank you to all our members for your camaraderie, advice, and mentorship

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